YouTube: 8 tips for writing a good description

YouTube: 8 tips for writing a good description

by Mohd Shahrukh August 22, 2021
Tips for writing good youtube description

Channel description or video description, on YouTube, these spaces allow you to go further in information!

These short texts are used to attract Internet users’ attention and make them act: watch the video, visit your site, subscribe to your channel. Moreover, these descriptions play a capital role in SEO.

So, how do you write your video presentations to appeal to users and the YouTube algorithm? I bring you all the answers!

4 tips for writing a channel description that prompts action

Your channel description is on the “About” page. This is where users will get to know you and discover your content. They will then decide whether to subscribe to your channel.

How to optimize this description?

Tips to write youtube channel description

1. Humanize your description

Who wants to read a description filled with repetitive keywords and phrases with no personality? Anybody! If people take the time to read your YouTube channel’s “About” page, it’s to find out more about you. Whether you are an influencer, a brand, a freelance, or a company, you have to put your personality at the heart of the text.

Write by adding your brand voice, the one you use on your social networks or in your newsletter. Maintain the writing style, phrases, and vocabulary that match your branding to ensure consistency across all media while still engaging the visitor.

If the latter identifies with you, he will be more inclined to subscribe to your videos.

2. Showcase the strengths of your videos

While the description section is in the “About” section of your YouTube account, it shouldn’t just showcase your business. You have to convince users to subscribe. How? ‘Or’ What? By appealing to their curiosity.

Think about the added value your videos bring to viewers. How will they help the subscriber to answer a question? What are the proposed solutions? What will Internet users gain by watching your future videos?

You need to present the benefits of your channel with the needs and expectations of your audience in mind. Put yourself in the shoes of your buyer persona, who is discovering your brand on YouTube for the first time.

3. Offer meetings to your (potential) subscribers

The success of your YouTube strategy depends on a solid publication schedule. Like on other platforms, you need to post content regularly. If you have prepared your content in advance, you can use your channel description to tease your following videos.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have to add detailed themes to your videos. Leave a little mystery in the air with a phrase like: “every Tuesday, find a tip for [your prospect’s goal]”.

4. Include calls to action

The Internet user who reads the description of your YouTube channel is necessarily interested in your content. Therefore, you must accompany him towards action so that he turns into a subscriber or a lead, depending on your main objective!

At the end of the text, ask visitors to subscribe to your channel, subscribe to the newsletter, watch an introductory video, or download a white paper. It’s up to you to choose what fits your goal, but make it turn into a prospect.

Remember that your CTA must be clear, dynamic, and value the user’s benefits if they take action.


4 tips for writing an adequate description for your YouTube videos

Video description is the text presented below each YouTube content. It helps users get more information about your videos. It’s the perfect place to give them additional information but also to encourage them to take action.

Tips to write youtube video description

1. Focus on the first 200 characters

The first 200 characters are the most crucial section of your YouTube video description. This is the part that appears before the “More” button.

Therefore, the objective is to write an introduction that will capture the attention of Internet users to encourage them to watch the video and unfold what is hidden after the “More” link.

The elements mentioned in the first few lines should be relevant, eye-catching, and contain at least one keyword. Indeed, YouTube’s algorithm favors the first words of your description to rank your video in the results. So be sure to use the terms you want to appear on.

You can also include, before the limit of 200 characters, a link to your website or add content to your video.

2. Repeat the keywords

Repetition lets YouTube know that a particular term is relevant to your video. Result: if Internet users search for it on the platform, your video will likely be positioned at the top of the ranking.

However, do not overuse a word or an expression, but think about working the semantic cocoon, as in SEO! Use terms that revolve around it to build vocabulary, and you’ll capture the attention of both YouTube algorithms and users!

3. Make the description easy to read

Use the first 200 characters to hook the surfer and the rest of the space to be more informative.

However, be aware that no one likes to read huge blocks of text. Divide your video description into sections with titles that stand out with emojis, symbols, caps, or line breaks.

If you are listing tips, think of dashes or dots. This will make reading easier.

4. Add links

Keep in mind that your YouTube video is only one step in the conversion funnel. This should therefore lead the Internet user to the next step.

Depending on the content of the video and your goals, remember to include one or more links at the end of the description. These can refer to another video, content to download, a product sheet, a sales page. It doesn’t matter, as long as they allow the prospect to move forward in his thinking.


Over 500 hours of videos are uploaded every minute to YouTube. To stand out, you need to put the odds in your favor with well-crafted descriptions that call for action!

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