The Secrets of the YouTube Algorithm

The Secrets of the YouTube Algorithm

by Mohd Shahrukh August 22, 2021
Secrets of Youtube Algorithm

1.5 billion people spend at least one hour every day watching YouTube videos. According to the platform’s product manager, in 70% of cases, the content viewed is recommended by the algorithm. But how exactly does it work? What are the factors that influence it?

All secrets to YouTube’s algorithm, I will reveal them all!


What is the role of the YouTube algorithm?

Allowing Internet users to find videos corresponding to their centers of interest is the primary role of this search system. It also facilitates exchanges with spectators and ensures to provide them with an optimal user experience. Its goal: that Internet users come back regularly to view new videos!


How does this algorithm work?

The YouTube search system affects all parts of the site where Internet users can find their videos. From the home page to search results, through recommendation feeds, artificial intelligence is everywhere.

This algorithm also influences trend feeds, notifications, and channel subscriptions. As soon as an Internet user performs a search or an action, the algorithm comes into play to provide him with adapted and personalized content, which brings us to the next point.

How youtube algorithm works

The YouTube algorithm recommendations

To keep users on YouTube as long as possible, the algorithm offers content that matches their needs. How does this AI manage to guess, with such precision, the expectations of Internet users? Based on exact metrics that you must master:

  • Views: number of views of a video.
  • Viewing Time: The time that viewers spent watching your videos.
  • Engagement: like, share, click.

The YouTube algorithm also takes into account user behavior:

  • The number of videos that the user has viewed from your channel.
  • The types and subjects of the most recently viewed videos
  • Previous user searches
  • Subscriber demographic information and location

Brands can directly influence the first three data to encourage good positioning for their content. The other metrics are dependent upon external factors. They allow YouTube to offer a customized experience for each user.


Ranking of search results by the YouTube algorithm

The YouTube algorithm ranks search results based on two main criteria:

  • The match of the video’s metadata to the user’s request. These metadata are title, description, and keywords.
  • Engagement already experienced by video: likes, comments, and average viewing time.


Influencing the YouTube algorithm: is it possible?

User behavior! This is what affects YouTube’s search- and detection system. What content are users watching? How much time do they spend watching a video? How fast is a video growing in popularity? These are the elements that justify a video’s placement in search results.

The algorithm also prioritizes the most recent content and channels that post regularly.

The commitment of Internet users to content is also taken into account: opinions, likes, dislikes, shares, all of this data matters.

So, to the question: “can we influence the YouTube algorithm” the answer is: “yes, in part”.

Influencing youtube algorithm

What to do for a better ranking of your videos?

To give more visibility to your videos, we advise you to implement these best practices!

First, make sure you choose the keywords carefully for your titles. The goal? Optimize research. Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes: what query will they type in the YouTube search engine? This is also the time to ask yourself if your video fully corresponds to your prospects’ needs or expectations.

From there, also optimize your metadata: descriptions, subtitles, and tags. Favor long descriptions that reference more efficiently while making Internet users want to discover your content.

Are you struggling to find inspiration for the right keywords? You can check the incoming requests on YouTube statistics and even your website.

Note that 50% of Internet users connect to YouTube via their mobile. Videos can often be viewed without sound. Incorporating subtitles help to get your message across and improves the ranking of your videos.

Finally, regularly publish news. The algorithm considers the frequency of posting, while users like to discover new videos every day.


YouTube is the second most popular search engine, after Google! The platform is essential for the success of your digital marketing strategy, primarily if you rely on video to promote yourself or generate sales. Test and analyze your videos to find out the preferences of your community and beat the YouTube algorithm.

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