The Most Effective Strategies To Increase Your Conversion Rate

The Most Effective Strategies To Increase Your Conversion Rate

by Mohd Shahrukh October 17, 2021
Strategies To Increase Your Conversion Rate

Increase your conversion rate.
More than a goal, it is a real obsession for many e-merchants and web entrepreneurs.
But how do you put in place the most effective techniques to achieve this?

This is precisely the answer that attempts to provide a very comprehensive study by RedEye and Econsultancy, of which here is a selection of the most exciting results.


The most effective methods to enhance your conversion rate

This first graph highlights the most efficient ways to boost your conversion rates:

Strategies To Increase Your Conversion RateAmong the practices that stand out are:

  • A/B testing, which 72% of respondents consider to be very profitable;
  • Customer journey analysis (58%);
  • User tests (57%);
  • Segmentation (56%);
  • Analysis of abandoned baskets (48%).

Note, however, that website personalization is considered unnecessary by only 2% of professionals, at the same level as A / B testing.

The most complex techniques to implement

The survey then looked at the difficulty of implementing these different practices:

Strategies To Increase Your Conversion RateOn the podium, we find:

  • The personalization of the website, which 35% of the professionals questioned consider very difficult;
  • Segmentation, which 61% find rather tricky or very difficult;
  • Multivariate testing (a more advanced form of A/B testing that allows combinations of different variables to be compared).

Logically enough, the techniques perceived as the most profitable (see the previous graph) are generally considered easy to access.

For example :

  • 58% of respondents believe that A / B testing is not difficult to implement;
  • Likewise, nearly half of those surveyed answered that user testing or customer journey analysis is not complex.

A/B testing

A/B testing being the most popular method, it is interesting to analyze how it is used.

Strategies To Increase Your Conversion RateThis graph reveals that the elements with the highest test scores are:

  • The website (82% of respondents);
  • Landing pages (71%);
  • Emailing (64%);
  • Paid SEO campaigns (57%).

The website test, therefore largely dominates, and is up sharply compared to previous years.

A/B testing of mobile applications remains, for its part, instead of in decline.

Strategies To Increase Your Conversion RateThe study also gives us information about the nature of the A/B tests that are conducted on websites.

Thus, the most tested elements are:

  • Call-to-action buttons (82% in 2017);
  • The layout (77%);
  • The text (69%);
  • Navigation (68%);
  • Images (51%).


If personalization is considered complex to implement, it is nevertheless highly valued by the marketers surveyed.

Hence the interest of examining this practice through this study:

Strategies To Increase Your Conversion RateIn 2017, 62% of respondents said they took at least one personalization action. But what exactly are they?

Strategies To Increase Your Conversion RateThe most used channels for personalization are:

  • Emailing (90% of respondents): personalization is indeed one of the best ways to increase the conversion rate of your emailing ;
  • The website (53%): this mainly involves adapting the content according to whether the visitor is known or new;
  • Social networks (27%): This is an effective channel for personalization, primarily through Facebook ads and other Twitter Ads.


More actions can be taken, but this insightful data will help you choose the best techniques to boost your conversion rate and get the most out of your website.

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