How to properly use social networks for your e-commerce?

How to properly use social networks for your e-commerce?

by Mohd Shahrukh August 05, 2021

75% of consumers use social networks during the buying process. After following a brand, 91% visit the store, 89% buy, and 85% recommend the brand to a family member or friend. Not bad, isn’t it?

For many businesses, social media has become an essential part of sales growth. Social media has many benefits that can help your business grow.

The real issue is how to use them to boost your business. Focus on 5 tips to promote, with talent, your online store on social networks!

1. Find your way

There are several ways to use social networks in e-commerce:

  • To generate traffic
  • To drive sales
  • To retain your customers
  • To manage your image and reassure potential customers

Although these pathways are all critical, it is essential to identify the main one. What’s your priority to do on social media? Answering this question will allow you to plan the use of your resources effectively.

You will also know the metrics to monitor to check the progress towards your goals.

2. Make full use of the “Shopping” functions of social networks

Before you start on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, take the time to understand these platforms’ “shopping” functions. The aim is to build the resources you will need to use them.

This includes configuring the pixels and product feeds that will allow you to add dynamic catalogs, stores, and campaigns to your social media strategy.

The objective is to be able to identify your products in your publications, but also your paid campaigns, to transform your pages into a sales vector.

Think about it
Also, think about how to take advantage of the Facebook Marketplace. The platform is reserved for individuals but also allows professionals to stand out from the crowd.

3. Automate the after-sales service

Social media users expect a quick reaction when they call on brands. So it is even more critical for e-commerce.

They will ask you questions before, during, and after the purchase. The speed and quality of the response will determine the conversion or retention.

On Facebook, you can use a chatbot. But you can also install one on your website and link it to your social networks.

Objective: to enable Internet users to obtain answers to common questions quickly. These include delivery times and costs, authorized means of payment, product return and exchange conditions, item sizes, etc. These questions may be the subject of automated responses.

The chatbot can answer more complex questions that warn an advisor who will get back to them quickly. The consumer knows that his request is taken into account, so he will be more inclined to wait for a response.

4. Show the personality of your e-commerce

Potential customers identify the brands they consume. They need to soak up the corporate culture that reigns in your premises, know your commitments, and identify with your brand voice. Even if your e-commerce sells multiple brands, you need to convey your personality.

Your tone should be close to your target audience. Don’t try and copy other businesses. Instead, discover your style and your language that appeals to your target.

Use this opportunity to promote your e-commerce in a new light, at a moment when fun video formats are booming (see TikTok & the Reel format for Instagram). One example is setting the parcel packaging sessions on music, showing the offices, and creating a positive atmosphere for your online store.

5. Collaborate with your community

Your community is indeed teeming with ideas to liven up your social networks! Consumers and influencers represent a fairly impressive creative pool. You can promote your e-commerce through their content by encouraging them to share photos and videos with your products.

Apart from traditional influencer marketing, in which you send products and services to prominent Internet users, you can organize contests to reward the best content shared by your community.

Also, use lives to engage your audience! Internet users appreciate live chats with professionals. So you could liven up your pages by organizing question-and-answer sessions with your customers. This will be an opportunity for them to ask you for advice and tips on using your products better.

Social networks are an integral part of the daily life of your consumers. They provide an excellent opportunity to connect with potential customers and sell your products and services. Be dynamic, active, friendly, and ready to dialogue to take full advantage of Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or even Pinterest!

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