How to Integrate Quora into your Marketing Strategy?

How to Integrate Quora into your Marketing Strategy?

by Mohd Shahrukh August 26, 2021
How to Integrate Quora into your Marketing Strategy

Over 300 million users browse Quora every month, either asking questions or giving answers. These are ideal targets for marketers, especially as the information-driven site offers different methods to reach its members.

Before we discuss integrating Quora into your marketing strategy, let’s see why you need Quora for your business!

The benefits of Quora for your business

A question-and-answer site, that’s one thing that doesn’t sound very exciting at first. And how can this platform be integrated into your marketing strategy?

There are many prejudices about Quora. Still, this site is an excellent tool for improving your reputation and learning more about your audience. On this platform, you get exceptional reach, visibility in searches (questions asked on Quora are well referenced on Google), the potential for leads, more high-quality traffic, and better knowledge of your audience.

Quora doesn’t only give you another means to communicate with your audience. This site gives you a roadmap of your customers’ expectations for your business. The questions and answers reveal to you about thinking, obstacles, motivations, and above all, the needs of your audience.

So, where to start?

Create an awesome bio

Quora does not allow you to create a profile for brands. Only individuals can do this. You will need to identify who in your organization will post the responses.

Quora displays the 50 first characters of your profile above every response. It is a good idea to include your business name so that readers can see where you are coming from. Clickable links may be included in your full bio.

If your brand is focused on multiple niches, create topic-specific bios. Make sure it relates to your industry or area of ​​specialization. A full bio makes you more believable when you respond.

Track relevant topics with notifications

One of the best ways to use Quora for marketing is to do research. You’ll be able to hear what people in your industry are saying, follow topics related to your business, and get questions delivered to your inbox.

Quora turns out to be an excellent business intelligence tool.

To follow topics, type a keyword related to your activity in Quora’s search box. A list of suggested topics will appear. Select the themes on which you can position yourself as an expert.

Suggested topics quora marketing

Find the right questions to answer.

Quora hosts millions of queries. However, not all of them can add value to your company. To get the most out of your marketing strategy on this platform and strengthen your brand’s presence:

  • Choose the topics that suit your business
  • Look up terms you’ve written about recently
  • Find a problem that your product or service fixes

Any question you answer with meaningful statistics and case studies is great for social proof.

Find discussion threads with lots of Upvotes.

As you browse Quora, you will see a “votes” section under each question.

Upvote Quora Marketing

Discussions that receive a lot more upvotes tend to get the most views. If you give an insightful answer, there can be thousands of views per day.

Also, answer new questions.

Do not limit your attention to the most common queries.

You are more likely to complete your profile with proof of your knowledge if you answer new questions quickly.

Connect with other users

Quora isn’t just a search engine; it’s a social network. While you’re learning how to use the platform for marketing purposes, don’t forget the importance of engaging prospects and potential clients.

Quora, like most social media channels, allows users to communicate with others directly. For brands, it’s a great way to enrich your relationships with potential customers.

Quora users might even inquire about your product or brand. You can’t find a better person to answer these queries than an employee, manager or director of your company.

Review your analyzes constantly

On your Quora page, you can see all the analyzes of the questions you answered. You’ll be able to track everything from the number of people who saw your answer to the number of upvotes you got. Additionally, when you add a follow link to your responses, you will also have a way to measure how many clicks you get.

With this information, you will see which questions generate the most value for your brand. This will make it easier for you to decide where you want to continue sharing your knowledge in future.


Who already uses Quora for their business? Don’t hesitate to share your experiences in the comments.

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