How to estimate and analyze the traffic of competitor websites?

How to estimate and analyze the traffic of competitor websites?

by Mohd Shahrukh August 10, 2021
Analyze website of competitors

Do you want to know the monthly traffic of a competitor site? Do you want to be able to estimate the traffic achieved by any site before setting up a partnership with it? Want to be able to identify the different types of website traffic sources? I will show you how to do this in a few clicks with a dedicated competitive analysis tool: SimilarWeb.

Why do you want to get the number of monthly visitors to a competitor’s website?

You may need to estimate the number of monthly visitors to a competitor’s website in many cases; here are some practical cases of using a web traffic estimation solution:

  • Achieve a competitive benchmark;
  • Estimate, as part of a digital market study, the demand for a typology of very specialized products and services;
  • Estimate the profitability of a competing website based on its estimated monthly traffic and other estimated KPIs;
  • Estimate the visibility granted by a third-party site as part of the establishment of a sponsored partnership with the latter;
  • Discover the main referral sites that redirect traffic to the analyzed site.

Of course, the above use cases are just examples; there are many more reasons to use an online web traffic estimation service.

How to get an estimate of the total monthly traffic of any website?

To obtain an estimate of the monthly traffic of any website without having Google Analytics access (or any other web analysis solution), there is no other solution than to use a reliable online tool Like Similarweb.

What is SimilarWeb?

Similarweb is a comprehensive online SaaS business intelligence tool that enables companies to conduct practical competitive intelligence.

With its pro version, you can:

  • Benchmark your performance against those of your main competitors;
  • Quickly analyze your competitors’ web marketing strategy to identify their best sources of traffic and customers;
  • Carry out keyword analyzes based on traffic statistics and the keywords on which your competitors are positioned;
  • Discover new opportunities and learn from the mistakes of your competitors.

How do I use SimilarWeb to get an overview of the number of monthly visitors to a website?

The web traffic estimation solution offers two concrete ways to estimate the traffic of any site:

Example of the use of Similarweb to estimate monthly traffic of Apple

The free version of the solution already provides several exciting information such as:

  • Monthly traffic estimated over the last six months;
  • The central countries providing traffic for the analyzed site;
  • The main channels for acquiring the traffic of the analyzed site;
  • The main referring sites of the website;
  • The global and national ranking of the site;
  • The main keywords that bring organic traffic to the site;
  • The share of organic vs. paid traffic;
  • The distribution of social networks that bring the most traffic to the site;
  • The main areas of interest of the audience visiting the site;
  • The main competitors and similar sites to the analyzed website.

To go further, there is a Pro version of the tool, which removes all the limitations of the free version and allows much more precise and detailed tracking.

How does SimilarWeb estimate website traffic?

Although Similarweb does not reveal all of its data sources and its methodology to arrive at the most accurate estimation possible of traffic data for any website in the world, the tool does share a few – one of its data sources which are:

  • The websites and application owners themselves (by sharing their access to Google Analytics or other web analytics solution to SimilarWeb);
  • SimilarWeb products installed on millions of devices around the world that collect anonymous traffic data;
  • Public data accessible free of charge;
  • Data collected through partnerships with global partners such as DPS, ISP, measurement companies, and business intelligence companies.

Are SimilarWeb results reliable?

Overall, SimilarWeb’s results are pretty reliable. Depending on the site, the variation between the estimated traffic and the actual traffic can be more or less 30%. Still, the figures communicated by the tool generally offer a relatively representative view of the reality observed on the web analysis tools.

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