Heatmap: The Five Best Tools To Know Where Your Visitors Are Clicking

Heatmap: The Five Best Tools To Know Where Your Visitors Are Clicking

by Mohd Shahrukh October 16, 2021
5 Best Heat Map Tools

Have you ever wondered what your website visitors are doing on your pages? Where do they click? What catches their attention? How do they move their mouse cursor? So many questions that heatmaps can answer.

A heatmap allows you to identify the heat zones on your web pages, that is to say, the places where your visitors interact the most with your site.

By understanding what interests Internet users the most and, on the contrary, what does not work, you can significantly improve the user experience of your website.

1) Crazy Egg

5 best heatmap toolsCrazy Egg is defined as “a pair of x-ray glasses” that allows you to see exactly what visitors are doing on your website.

While it allows you to analyze scrolling and clicks thanks to its heatmaps, the tool also helps you know your visitors’ origin and the places where they click the most.

For example, you can deduce the preferences of your visitors from Facebook and compare them to those from Twitter, and thus adapt your publications on social networks to optimize their performance.

Price: For $9 per month, you’ll be able to use the most basic features. However, the higher plans (starting at $ 49 / month) give access to exciting features, including heatmaps on mobile.


2) Clicktale

5 best heatmap toolsClicktale allows you to create very detailed heatmaps, whether on a computer, mobile, or tablet.

Click areas, mouse movements, page scrolling: it’s all there.

Additionally, for those who prefer to learn by text and numbers rather than visuals, Clicktale offers reports rich in data and statistics to understand your visitors’ behavior.

Price: tailor-made.


3) Lucky Orange

5 best heatmap toolsLucky Orange heatmaps have the particularity of being dynamic and interactive, which means you can follow them and get interesting data in real-time.

The tool also has extensive segmentation possibilities to understand the visitors to your website better.

Lucky Orange includes other great features. For example, it automatically takes a video screenshot of each of your visitors: a perfect complement to heatmaps to analyze navigation on your site.

Price: you can take full advantage of Lucky orange for $ 10 / month.


4) Heatmap for WordPress

5 best heatmap toolsThanks to heatmaps, Heatmap for WordPress is a plugin for the WordPress CMS that helps you understand what your best performing content is.

It memorizes the clicks of Internet users on your website and the interactions on tactile media and provides access to statistical analyses in real-time.

Price: the tool offers a free version limited to 5 web pages and one visitor. You’ll need to upgrade into the premium version, which costs $100 per month to enjoy unlimited heatmaps as well as additional features.


5) userTrack

5 best heatmap toolsuserTrack is another excellent WordPress plugin for creating heatmaps and analyzing your website navigation.

It creates heatmaps by analyzing the clicks of your users as well as their mouse movements and scrolling on the page.

Price: unlike the previous one, this plugin is 100% paid, but its price is advantageous since it is not a monthly subscription. So you can access it for $ 39.


While these heatmap tools can help you better understand your visitors and their behavior on your site, performing a user test is also a good solution.

Then all you have to do is contact my team of professional web designers at ufound to improve the user experience of your website.

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