Advertising on Instagram: All You Need to Know!

Advertising on Instagram: All You Need to Know!

by Mohd Shahrukh August 14, 2021

You know Instagram advertising is now available, but how do you take advantage of it?

If it was necessary, before, absolutely to go through a commercial to have the right to sponsor publications on the social network, since its takeover by Facebook, Instagram opens its advertising network to all.

Now, over two million advertisers use Instagram to serve paid ads.

And it is not for nothing! With a potential audience of over 928 million people, Instagram ads are an essential tool for any marketer.

But you still have to know how to go about it! Find out how to boost your visibility with Instagram Ads.



To be able to advertise on Instagram, you must have an Instagram profile (logical!) And a Facebook account. Nothing else! No more need to be a big brand with millions of subscribers; any TPE benefits from this functionality.

The only condition is to link your professional Facebook page to your Instagram account. The process is very simple:

  1. Go to your Facebook page
  2. Click on Settings in the top menu
  3. Select “Instagram Ads” from the left menu
  4. Then click on the button “Add an account.”
  5. Create your ads in the Facebook Business Manager dashboard.

You are ready to advertise on Instagram!

The different types of Instagram ads

1. The Stories

They can be photos or videos; they appear between the Stories of Instagram users. And, with over 500 million users using this feature every day, it’s a great way to get noticed. They are limited in time and are therefore preferred for exceptional offers or to enjoy a more fun and relaxed side.

2. The photos

The photos appear in the users’ news feed. Like all ads in the News Feed, they stay on time. You are free to let your creativity speak for itself.

3. The videos

As with photos, videos appear in users’ News Feeds. They can last up to 60 seconds, but it is recommended to use videos of about 15 seconds. Videos are often very attractive and get up to 3 times more engagement than a simple image.

4. The carousels

Carousels allow you to share multiple images and videos in a single post. Carousel ads also allow you to share multiple calls to action (CTA).

Create an Instagram ad from the app

You need a professional account, and you will then need to select an existing publication and click on the “Promote” button. You will then choose the destination (your profile, a website, your mailbox), and you will be able to configure your audience. Here you have two choices, the first mode is automatic, and Instagram detects profiles similar to those of your existing subscribers; the second allows you to manually set your desired audience.

Finally, all you need to do is determine the budget and duration of your advertising campaign and choose a payment method.


Using the Ad Manager

If you know how to advertise on Facebook, you will do very well with Instagram advertising! To completely configure an Instagram Ads campaign, we recommend that you go through the advertising manager.

In the Advertising Manager, select “Create a campaign”. Then define the goal of your campaign.

Once you’ve made your choice, the Ad Manager will prompt you to name the campaign and decide if you want to create a split test or optimize your campaign budget.

Build your campaign from A to Z: visual, call-to-action, status, targeting.

To distribute your post on Instagram, pay attention to the “Placements” step. This is where you can select Instagram and, optionally, uncheck Facebook.

The use of call-to-action

To optimize the impact of your Instagram Ads, consider integrating call-to-action! These buttons awaken your target’s attention and encourage them to interact. For more efficiency, call-to-action must have a direct relationship with advertising:

  • Download (for an application),
  • Order (for a product),
  • Register (for an event), etc.


Targeting is an essential parameter for the success of your Instagram Ads. Like any advertising on social networks, it must be distributed to Internet users who have expressed an interest in your products or services. Targeting is directly linked to the profile of your prospects.

Facebook allows you to refine your audience with demographic criteria, professional parameters, interests.

The objective is not to be as broad as possible but precise on the selected profile.



Maybe your first Instagram Ads campaign won’t have the results you hoped for. It’s normal! Each advertising operation deserves to be analyzed in order to draw conclusions. By observing which posts work best, you’ll be able to refine targeting, visuals, and calls-to-action.

If necessary, contact my team of professionals at ufound!

Finally, to deepen your strategy on Instagram, I advise you to read this article to learn about the five mistakes to avoid for your brand image.

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