9 growth hacking methods to grow your brand quickly

9 growth hacking methods to grow your brand quickly

by Mohd Shahrukh August 02, 2021

You can quickly build your internet presence using growth hacking techniques. These are simple to set up, efficient, and cost-effective strategies. In addition, these SEO techniques will allow you to compete with your competitors even if you start your business on the web.

Here are the 9 best growth hacking techniques to use to grow your brand quickly.

1. Optimize titles

It only takes one word to optimize a title and go up in the Google search bar. Analyze your web content to find out what works best for your readers.
You can use Google Analytics to analyze the performance of your pages and identify the most searched word. Then you need to add this word in some titles to optimize your SEO.

My advice
You can use Google Analytics to analyze the performance of your pages and identify the most searched word. Then you just need to add this word in some titles to optimize your SEO.

2. Optimize the home page of your website

It is essential to take care of the presentation of your home page to encourage the visitor to stay on your site. Your home page should be attractive without being overloaded with information. This is your storefront, so it requires special attention.
Offer only valuable and essential information about your products and services to entice prospects to visit your other pages.

Did you know?
You can also set up predictive targeting on your home page. Success guaranteed!

3. Focus on interactive content

Content is king, which is why you need to build on a good content strategy to improve user engagement. Interactive content such as videos is more prevalent among users.
Do not hesitate to integrate product demonstration videos on your website and your social networks. You can encourage visitors to share them by optimizing the content with storytelling, for example.

4. Content curation

The quality of the content on a site is essential to optimize SEO. But creating new content is a time-consuming activity, and it is not always possible to hire content creators.
Fortunately, it is possible to reuse existing content by modifying it. Add new, relevant information, remove outdated information, and tailor content to the platforms you want to share it on. For example, you can take data from a blog post to turn it into an infographic that you can share on your social networks.

5. Influencer marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of your customer’s comments and opinions. With the advent of social media, customer testimonials have taken an important place in web marketing strategies. The shares, likes, and comments of customers influence the users because they make it possible to reassure and take action more quickly. You can also use influencers to promote their products to their audience.

6. Give Gifts

Giving freebies is a great way to promote your products when possible. For example, suppose you are sure of the reliability and quality of your products. In that case, you can set up a free offer for a limited period to give the possibility to a large number of users to test them and possibly adopt them!

7. Customer sponsorship

This growth hacking technique is very effective and reduces costs to attract new customers.
Offer your customers to invite friends to know about your brand and make them an attractive offer in return. It could be a promotional price on their favorite product or a giveaway.

The reward must be attractive to ensure as many sponsorships as possible.

8. Pre-launch marketing

Your product is not yet ready, but will it surely appeal to many customers? Do not hesitate to already promote it on your networks by praising its qualities and arousing users’ interest. Encourage prospects to provide their contact information to let them know on the day of the product launch. You can also encourage them to place pre-orders on your website.

9. Improve the quality of your web pages

This method of growth hacking will earn you places in the search results. Optimize the loading speed of your website, in particular by compressing images.
You must also make a relevant meta description by integrating the essential information in less than 156 characters!

Put these 9 growth hacking techniques into practice to quickly develop your brand and optimize your presence on the web.


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