7 Powerful Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Marketing

7 Powerful Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Marketing

by Mohd Shahrukh August 27, 2021
7 Powerful Ways to Use Augmented Reality in Marketing

Marketers are increasingly using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. It’s an excellent way to deliver an immersive experience to your prospects. Additionally, many brands use augmented reality to attract more traffic, increase engagement, and increase brand awareness. Indeed, isn’t it transcendent to be able to experience a product virtually before purchasing it?

Here’s how you can adopt augmented reality to enhance your marketing strategy.

1. How does AR technology work?

Augmented reality makes it possible to integrate virtual 3D elements into the real world through smartphones or tablets. These virtual elements can be in the form of images or animated elements and make it possible to improve the user experience.

Augmented reality offers brands the opportunity to attract users by immersing them in their stories and personalizing their offers. Therefore, an augmented reality application makes it possible to gain confidence and retain the prospect by offering them to experience the product or service even before buying it.

2. Experiment before you buy

To give the user confidence and convince him of the usefulness of your product, you can use augmented reality. AR technology is mainly used by brands that offer expensive products such as furniture in particular.

The user can try out furniture before buying it by discovering all the facets and the different ways of using it and visualizing the space’s arrangement.

Did you know?
The IKEA place’s app lets you furnish an entire room in your home virtually!

Experiement before buy, augmented reality in marketing

3. Promote your brand in an innovative way

Augmented reality allows you to highlight all the features of your product and optimize its use. You can provide an innovative user experience by showing the value of using your product or service.

The Adidas brand has created a unique experience with AR technology by offering influencers to visualize all the characteristics of their new pair of sneakers using an application designed for this purpose. The brand did not hesitate to use the unboxing trend initially created by influencers which consists of unboxing a product directly.

4. Gamification and augmented reality

If some people spend too much time in front of video games, augmented reality allows players to move outside.

Thus, the wildly successful Pokémon Go game lets users catch pokémons in actual physical locations using augmented reality.

My advice
If your brand is suitable, you can also create a game to encourage your users to exercise daily while having fun!

Gamification and augmented reality in marketing

5. Use filters to try a product

Some major brands have set up filters on social networks so that users can visualize themselves with the accessory worn, such as Levi’s in particular. Therefore, the prospect can try to share the photo with his friends and then buy the product directly via networks such as Facebook or Snapchat.

The Dior brand launched an Instagram branded filter in 2019 to virtually try on Maria Grazia Chiuri accessories.


6. Tell a story

In the media and entertainment business, augmented reality can be a real asset in your marketing strategy. AR technology can improve the user experience of children, especially when it comes to books or games. This audience is susceptible to the virtual world and will easily project themselves into the universe you create.

Harry Potter has won over fans of popular franchises like Harry Potter: Wizards unite the game. Players can once again immerse themselves in their favorite story by playing the role of their favorite heroes.

Whether it is music, books, or films, augmented reality is an excellent vector for improving the universes you offer to discover your prospects.

7. Use AR to improve physical health

As with gamification, AR technology can be integrated into the physical world to guide the user and help them improve their physical health. Thus, the Suggestic application offers its users balanced and personalized meal suggestions to guide them towards the best nutritional choices.

Always taking into account your field of activity, you can think about the best way to support your customers and offer an application based on the idea of ​​improving their health.

Augmented reality can be used to enhance user experience and make users’ lives easier. AR technology is a unique and creative way to boost confidence and increase engagement with prospects.

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