5 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Leads

5 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Leads

by Mohd Shahrukh August 28, 2021
5 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Leads

50% of sales time is spent on low-qualified prospects. Ouch!

Your profitability is built on acquiring a lead, converting it into a prospect, then a customer. However, it is not always easy to attract prospects with a genuine interest in your services.

So how can you enhance the quality of your leads? Here are five tips for applying today!

1. Use a marketing automation tool

Marketing-Automation-to improve quality of leads

First, you need an automation tool to improve the relevance of your leads.

The reason is simple: you don’t have the time and analytical power to track, measure, and respond to all of the individual interactions in your prospect database. The latter is itself constantly evolving.

In addition to fulfilling this role, a marketing automation platform provides insight into the behavior of each of your leads in the sales funnel. You entirely visualize the influence of your campaigns to improve them day by day.

In addition, an automation tool will allow you to implement all of the following advice!

2. Build short and efficient forms

To improve the quality of leads, simplify the fields on your forms.

Think about the essential information necessary to qualify the prospect at the start of the sales funnel. They are the ones that will have to be displayed in the first form.

Then opt for a dynamic operation of the controls. When an already acquired lead comes across the second content, your form will have to display new questions allowing you to refine the profile and needs of prospects.

3. Implement a relevant lead scoring

The lead scoring is a ranking process maturity level of a prospect. The more actions it takes on your website, the more mature it becomes.

Of course, not all interactions are created equal. Reading a blog post is less critical than downloading a webinar.

The overall score and the marks awarded per action are based on a methodology agreed by the marketing and sales departments.

To be relevant, lead scoring must integrate a combination of explicit and implicit data:

  • Explicit data is the information provided by the prospect, particularly concerning his profile: his profession, place of life, the business sector of the company, etc.
  • Implicit data refers to the information that the prospect’s online activity reveals about them, such as their pages visited, opening newsletters, downloading content, and so forth. They make it possible to know where the lead is in the purchasing journey and gauge its needs better.

Different companies have different criteria for determining their data.

4. Educate prospects in a personalized way

Educate prospects to improve quality of leads

What makes the difference in the quality of the leads generated is understanding your audience. It would help if you specifically addressed their needs, goals, and aspirations.

Start by creating buyer personae segments based on your different offers. Then, see how you can qualify them by providing specific content.

Also, think about your forms: it’s common to have a multiple-choice field that asks prospects to indicate their primary goal.

Then this makes it possible to trigger a lead nurturing scenario, consisting in watering prospects with educational content. These should be connected to the expressed goal.

For example, if a lead downloads a white paper on content marketing trends 2020, you can send them your articles with tips on managing a business blog well and a webinar that deals with creating content for social networks.

5. Target keywords with high conversion intention

Want to improve the quality of leads? Target high converting intent keywords in your paid search campaigns.

Avoid general keywords, but specify your expressions by adding an action. For example :

  • buy + product
  • quote + service
  • download + content

You can find inspiration by doing a Google search with action verbs followed by your products/services. Examine the results of the first page, including related search terms. This will give you an initial glimpse at the needs of your prospects.


Adopt a marketing automation tool, personalize your content as per prospect, address leads looking for action. Here are concrete methods to take your acquisition to the next level!

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