Instagram: 5 mistakes to avoid for your brand image

Instagram: 5 mistakes to avoid for your brand image

by Mohd Shahrukh August 14, 2021

After Facebook and Twitter, it’s Instagram’s turn to be successful. With the 500 million monthly users, the social network dedicated to images attracts young, old, and businesses.

It offers the possibility of posting stories, photos, and videos accompanied by short content and hashtags, and comments allow you to interact with followers. Instagram is a nice showcase, but above all, it is a real asset for your business if used well.

This is why I am revealing five mistakes to avoid for the sake of your online reputation.

Abuse Hashtags

On average, on Instagram, each post has between 1 and 7 hashtags. These make it possible to find publications through keywords and therefore targeted themes. For content hashtags to fulfill their role, they must be chosen in a relevant way.

A good hashtag gives real indications of the publications, the company’s universe, or a product/service. In addition to being carefully selected, these markers must be present in reasonable numbers. Try to stay average and, as often, focus on quality over quantity.

Publishing Visuals without Captions

Each post published on Instagram must consist of a visual and a caption! Of course, the photo conveys the main message, but the caption allows interested Internet users to know more.

The latter provides information on the visual context; it can promote the news of a company or its products/services, provide information on current promotions, and encourage action. How to encourage engagement without asking questions, opening a debate, or creating the mystery?

Do the Mass-following

Mass-following is a technique that consists of subscribing to many Instagram accounts to get followers. Betting on this practice tarnishes your brand image, not to mention that it will make your news feed unreadable!

However, to properly manage your communication and your e-reputation on this social network, it is recommended that you interact intelligently with accounts that are related to your activity.

Not Responding to Comments.

Comments have many benefits for your business. They allow you to communicate with your prospects and customers, collect relevant opinions, and measure the success of a publication. It is imperative to linger on the reading and analysis of these messages left by the followers and especially take the time to respond. Thus, you ensure an active presence that will retain your subscribers while encouraging them to engage regularly on your posts.

In addition, dialoguing with Internet users humanizes your brand and creates a close relationship with your community. To respond to comments more simply, use my list of Instagram tools.

Only Publishing Promotions

Instagram is used to communicate on the values ​​and the universe of the company, rather than on the products or services. To get qualified subscribers, retain your community and fully control your image, it is necessary to talk about the company’s life, introduce employees, go behind the scenes, communicate on events, etc. Product promotion must subtly blend with this authentic editorial line. If possible, favor an original highlight of your services.

Good use of Instagram and social media, in general, is good for your business. It is essential to take the time to understand how they work and their impact to use them properly. Thanks to quality visuals, impactful content, and consistency in posts, you will take full advantage of Instagram to create an engaged community.

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