10 Techniques to Boost your Lead Generation

10 Techniques to Boost your Lead Generation

by Mohd Shahrukh August 14, 2021
Boost Lead Generation | Mohd Shahrukh

No leads, no sales. These potential customers will be at the top of your funnel. Depending on your strategy, they may or might not become buyers.

As the name implies, lead generation is about attracting prospects. How to do it? I reveal ten techniques to boost your lead acquisition methods!


1. Place call-to-action at the top of the page

CTAs are at the forefront of lead generation. Whether it’s to attract them to your site or encourage them to leave their contact details, these calls to action are of paramount importance to your sales.

The first thing to do is to place them in the right place (s). Choose a space that the visitor to your site can see without scrolling the cursor.

CTA to boost lead generation

2. Turn blog posts into lead generators

Whenever you create new blog content, add a call to action in the middle and bottom of the post.

For it to work, it must be related to the topic discussed in the article.

3. Respect the promises of the ACTs

Your CTA messages should match the titles of your landing pages. If the title is different from what prompted the visitor to click, they may believe they landed on the wrong page and leave it.

He can also instantly lose confidence if he clicks on a link offering something free but finds out that he eventually has to pay.

4. Minimize forms

Regarding the forms included on your landing pages, they should be visible and easy to fill out. Ask only the necessary information from the sales teams!

5. Prefer images and videos to text

Whether on your sales pages or to highlight call-to-action, instead use visuals (photos, videos, or animations) to show what you are offering.

The texts must be precise and brief to facilitate memorization. Emphasize the benefits of your offer.

6. Strip landing pages

On the landing page, remove any links and menus that might distract the lead. He must remain attentive to your proposal and your calls to action.

If there is any other information to pass, save it for the thank you page or order confirmation email.

7. Create content for each stage of the funnel

For more efficiency, create content for each stage of the customer journey. At different stages of thinking, you will attract leads.

To allow them to identify themselves, offer white papers, webinars, or other downloadable content that helps different lead profiles:

  • Those who are starting their thinking
  • Those who want to improve an element of their life (professional or personal)
  • Those who know what they need but are looking for a trusted partner to help them

8. Make your emails essential

Quality content is the key to improving your lead generation. Email marketing is used by businesses to generate leads and convert them. It promotes their offers and educates subscribers.

Establish your authority by sharing your best advice. Show the value of your products by solving the challenges of your customers.

Emails to boost lead generation

9. Host a webinar

Through their educational and engaging format, webinars generate and capture many more leads.

They are popular with many users who are really interested in a solution to their problem. Therefore, webinars attract qualified and mature leads.

Hosted with a partner from the same industry, webinars allow you to expand your audience, increase your notoriety, and therefore grow your mailing list.

10. Create lead gen campaigns on social networks

Generating leads goes beyond your website alone. With the number of users of social networks, you can also find new prospects on these platforms.

In addition to sharing and promoting your offers to a qualified target, you can create ads with forms.

Did you know?
Facebook and Instagram Leads Ads are two formats that add a fillable form with your criteria to the ads.
You can generate new leads directly from these social networks!


These techniques can help you increase your lead generation and sales! But if you need expert advice on your acquisition techniques or landing pages, contact my team at ufound today.

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